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Meet Our First Co-Creator!

When we said we were obsessed with you, we meant it! Meet one of your fellow co-creators!

Q: Name: 

A: Lourdes Martin

Q: Where are you from?

A: I’m a New Yorker currently living in Chicago (moved here two years ago)

Q: What are your most memorable life moments to date? Give us both a big one and a small one, alike. Although truthfully, we don’t believe that any life moment is too small to celebrate. 

A: A big memorable moment for me was when Thomas (my husband) and I decided to get married in Italy alongside 30 of our family and friends. It was one of the best weeks of our lives! A smaller yet very important moment for us was buying our very first apartment! We recently purchased a loft in Chicago and it was definitely a milestone moment for us.

Q: What’s your favorite way to celebrate your life moments?

A: With a trip! Traveling is very dear to us. Every year we take a trip to celebrate our wedding anniversary! I feel like all our travel moments throughout the year are actually little ways in how we celebrate life.

Okay, let’s go into your home…

Q: What is something in your home that you can’t live or do without?

A: Flowers! Nothing makes me happier than shopping for wildflowers from my local flower shop.

Q: Favorite room in your home and why?

A: Our kitchen. When we purchased our place, the kitchen was a hot mess so renovating it was so much fun! It was like working with a clean slate. I was able to really create a space that was functional yet designed to our taste! Love it!

Inquisitive minds want to know… He! He! 

Q: How will you first celebrate with our (yes, it’s yours as well. You helped with all of it, remember!) Elated Coupes?

A: Ahhh!! Yes! Hmm, how will I toast with such a beautiful glass! Well since the launch is on the day of my birthday (Happy Birthday – from us!!), I plan to toast with my husband and order some delicious take-out (probably burgers – I’m a gal who loves a good burger! Ha-ha) and just keep it simple given the current Coronavirus situation. Honestly, I’ll be toasting to immense gratitude because that’s exactly how I feel: Grateful; that my family and friends are safe and healthy.

Okay, now for a little rapid fire:

Champagne or Cocktail – Both. Ha-ha!
Coffee or Tea – Coffee
Dining in or Out – Dining Out
City Living or Suburb Living – City Living

And lastly… 

Light Decor or Dark Decor – I lean towards moody with light and textured accents.

Thanks, Lourdes, for letting us into your home and allowing us to feature you!  


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Loved getting to meet Lourdes!
Yessenia Mercedes
  on: 2020-03-30
Thank you! You must be a feature as well!!!!
Kathleen Pagan
  on: 2020-04-01
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