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It All Starts here

This is
our story.

This is
our story.

It All Starts here

This is our story.

Endlessly Elated is a highly curated, luxury homeware company. Instead of taking cues from glossy magazines, we’re following your lead.

Here, high-tech crowdsourcing meets time-tested craftsmanship. We’re ushering in the new era of home shopping, with you at the head of the (dinner) table.

Let's Make Memories

Products that celebrate your every milestone, from that hard-earned promotion to finishing laundry during naptime.

Tailored to Your Lifestyle

Our innovative crowdsourcing platform helps us create pieces that tell your story. We're listening!

The Present is Female

Women inspired and women owned, since day one.

Beauty in Simplicity

Like a classic car or a timeless red lip, our products exude style that doesn't try too hard.

Meet our founder —


Finance professional, Kathleen Pagan climbed the ranks to become a CFO at the age of 35. In 2019, she left her illustrious title behind to strike out on her own — opening the virtual doors of, Endlessly Elated. A brand that reflects the voices and personal stories of its consumers. 

Over the course of her demanding career, Kathleen also spent the last seven years as a lifestyle expert, self-taught designer & cook sharing all her ideas through her blog and social media platforms. 


Kathleen, has partnered with several Fortune 500 companies and has been featured in such outlets as Rachael Ray, HuffPost Live and is slated for an upcoming TEDx talk. The entrepreneur also leverages her business experience to inspire other women with her Femme Think Tank, a cohort that teaches women-owned businesses how to bolster their companies.

When not working, Kathleen can always be found with a glass of champagne in hand at home with her husband and dog, Mason.

A note from our founder —


As far back as I can remember, I have been a design junkie. And after years of editing and producing my very own home blog, I realized the housewares industry lacked an authentic connection with its consumer. Experts were telling us what we needed instead of asking what we wanted.

With Endlessly Elated, I set out to build a brand that reflects this community's personal stories, the way you live and the products you want.

Now, you have spoken! Our first product to market, The Elated Coupe, was nearly unanimous. You asked for something special to celebrate the everyday wins (instead of those untouchable ones, held hostage in the China cabinet). There's no feeling like hearing the sound of clinking glasses, surrounded by loved ones. So, to celebrate you and our newly minted co-created brand, let's pop the champagne!

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