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More Big Changes. This Time, It’s Personal.

We have officially entered June and are six months into 2024. Whoa!

If you’ve been keeping up on social or reading my previous newsletters, or listening to my editor’s notes you know there’s been a lot brewing. Lots of change both personally and professionally. A new cookbook in the making (fingers crossed) and today, I’m sharing some pretty big, personal news.

So, let’s catch you up. 

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Hello friends! 

Welcome to June.

Lately, I’ve been deeply contemplating change. It’s unpredictability. It’s mysteriousness as my friend described it over a conversation about the very things I’m about to share.

As long as I can remember, I have fought against change and I’ve deduced it down to the fact that someone or something, long ago, taught me that change should be uncomfortable or scary.

But here’s the truth it has never felt like this to me. Emphasis on FELT. 

On the contrary, I’ve always loved change. While my mind may have settled on preconditioned fear my body, oh my body, has only ever felt excitement. It’s funny how your brain and body can be at odds and somehow most of us inevitably choose “logic” over “the feeling.” We’ve been taught that choosing our “rational thoughts” equals the smarter option. But what if we simply reframed it. Hear me out, what if when doing this what we are actually saying is that we are choosing our thoughts over our essence, our soul. 

I believe our soul is the representation of who we truly are before the world got a hold of us. We should never want to betray it and yet we so often do.

So, I’ve been doing a lot of reflecting on this. My entire world is swirling with change. Most of which I didn’t plan but as the dots connected, as I strived to be authentically me, so did my next moves. 

For starters, and as you know I’ve been embarking on a humongous endeavor, a dream in the making.  Penning my very first hardcover, traditionally published cookbook. At this very moment, I am on the cusp of sending it off to the universe gods and with bated breath, await that my dream literary agent is as interested in pitching it to publishers as I am in wanting her to represent me. Saying this makes me so emotional. This project means more to me than anything I’ve done in a very long time. So, Mrs. Sonia Pagan (that’s my mom), make miracles happen, please.

Next, and as I announced in last week’s newsletter it’s officially the end of an era. I’m closing down my beloved online shop for the foreseeable future. Just to clarify, I won’t be shipping out any of my home products, when inventory is gone it is gone…but I’ve already been dreaming up ways to have the 2.0 version of it come to fruition. So that it is reborn and a reflection of the changes in my life.  

And lastly, the biggest piece of my personal news and the one thing you don’t know until now… 

is that my husband and I have decided to pack up our belongings, sell our house and move!

Ever since my mom’s passing, my husband and I have really been contemplating what is next. When something of this magnitude happens you start to question your entire existence. So, roughly three weeks ago, we made the poignant decision to officially list our house for sale and close this chapter as well. 

The inevitable questions have come… like where are you moving to? What’s next?

So, I’ve got some-ish answers for you. Ones that most people don’t seem to be okay with. An interesting observation I’ve come to notice.

No, we don’t know what’s necessarily next or where we are moving to.

No, we don’t have every detail ironed out other than selling everything in our house.

No, we don’t have a master plan and yes we realize this might seem insane to some. 

But one thing is for sure… My entire body, better yet my entire soul, my being, is telling me this is a HELL YES!!

I know I am at the cusp of something. Something I can feel and my brain can’t logic its way through. I don’t know what it is, so I’ll chuck it up to simply embracing change and permitting myself to live life on my terms. As I bid farewell to this chapter and stand here on the threshold of my new beginning, I’m simply having faith in surrendering and trusting the process.

So, here’s to being guided by the currents of our destiny. Thank you for listening and we’ll chat again next month – perhaps I’ll just be in a different location. 

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