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Honey, Vanilla & Milk Cocktail

As we enter the new season, this honey, vanilla, and milk cocktail is perfectly suited for a fall evening. A suitable nightcap to go with the crisp weather.

City Honey Cocktail


4 oz. of organic whole milk

2 Tbsp. of organic half-and-half

1 tsp. of organic vanilla extract 

2 tsp. of City Honey

½  tsp. of cinnamon and extra dash for garnish

1 ½ oz. of dark rum


Begin by filling a cocktail shaker with milk, half-and-half, vanilla, honey, cinnamon, and rum.

Next, stir the cocktail mixture to ensure honey gets dissolved.

Then, pour ice into the cocktail shaker and cover. Shake for about 20-30 seconds until completely cooled.

Lastly, strain the cocktail into your Elated Coupe and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Make this warm, fall cocktail part of – Your Story of Home.

Honey Milk Cocktail

Photography by Alcides Aguasvivas {Instagram @alcides.nyc}


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